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#3. 5 Great Reasons to Move to the Country

Here’s 5 great reasons why a move to the country is a good idea. Moving to the country is not an easy decision. But if you have a way to ‘work from home’ or you run your own business (as it’s difficult to get employment in the countryside) then it is definitely worth a thought. To help you if you are thinking of it here are some pros and pitfalls of the big move.

5 great reasons why a move to the countryside is a good idea

  1. The Schools are small and brilliant: There is no pressure of moving house to an area just to get into the catchment of a great school or pushing the kids to do really well in the Sats or the 11 plus so they can get in. We are lucky enough to be spoilt for choice. Every school I visited would have been great for the kids, so in the end the difficult choice was which school to go for. A lucky position to be in. Our local high school has better results than the private schools. And the kids get to feed Alpacas and round up goats during their lessons!
  2. Great for the Kids to grow up: Our kids (my son more than my daughter) like all kids love technology, and I would not want it to be any other way after all that’s the world they will be living in! But what’s great is they have an amazing balance. They roam the land outside making up adventures and taking their cousins and friends along. They climb trees, skin their knees, look for tadpoles, make up natural paints, do night walks looking for badgers, hedgehogs and owls and experience a childhood very much like the one I had growing up in South Africa. Which is one of the things I really really wanted for them. They are innocent for longer and enjoy nature and taking care of animals, which in itself teaches them a lot of responsibility, respect and kindness. The thing I love the most is the amount of time we both spend with the kids. Much much more than if we worked our corporate jobs in London for sure.
  3. Well-being: Being surrounded by food growing all around you in the fields of farmers makes you much more conscious of where your food comes from and what’s in it. The fresh air, the walks and the physical activity makes your mind, body and spirit feel better. You are also surrounded by people growing and making their own food: bread, jams, chutneys, drinks. And it would simply be rude not to really! We have learnt so much and want to eat much cleaner food with no pesticides, fertilisers or hormones. The way food is supposed to be. And believe animals should have the best possible life.
  4. No rat race: One of the best things is to be away from the rat race. The stress and the pressure of living in the city does have its toll. Running your own business has ofcourse its own stress but you are in control and can manage it. You have a choice. There are no traffic jams either. Well I lie from time to time you may come across a flock of sheep being moved from one field to another and the whole road is blocked for a while. Amazing right!! No problem just stop and take out some time to admire the view and the Collie at work. A sight I never tire of and find myself wishing to come upon such a movement.
  5. A sense of community: You may have neighbours who don’t know you and love the anomity of living in the city but here people know you, they know your character and you cannot move down the road without people stopping to say hello or to share a word about a local event or simply to ask how you are.

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