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#6. Top 10 tips when booking a Glamping Holiday

With everyone with a bit of land getting into glamping there’s never been so much great choice for you to book a ‘too posh to pitch’ outdoorsy trip. Having been in the game for 10 years here is our top tips to ensure you have a fab time:

  1. When I go glamping I want peace and tranquillity and to enjoy the great british countryside. So Check out the site on google maps and if it’s close to a road especially a B or A road its a definite no no from us.
  2. What are the toilets and showers like. Is it shared? In our experience compost loos smell so if this is in the actual glamping unit be prepared for a few whiffs through your stay. What’s the showers like? Water pressure. Hot & Cold Water?
  3. What about electricity, lights, charging points, fridges etc. Investigate how you would keep your phone charged, let’s face it we want some cool pics to post and show all our friends the amazing time we are having. How do you keep your stuff cold and where would you cook. Does the space have high speed wifi if you want to tap into it given the blind spots in the countryside with phone signals. Unless you are looking for a complete digital detox.
  4. If you have kids, look for glamping sites with activities onsite, food or cafe, bar, space for the kids to roam free and wild while being safe and where you can actually have a break not being on tenterhooks worried about potential danger/safety. Away from any hazards like deep water, slurry pits, dangerous equipment or animals, fast roads etc Is there a risk of flooding
  5. If you want to go out for day trips is there plenty to see and do. Do the glamping sites give you a local view of best things in the area?
  6. What about the actual glamping unit. Does it have running water, proper beds, lush hotel like bedding, Egyptian cotton towels, is it welcoming and clean when you arrive. Are the staff hospitable. Is someone onsite all the time.
  7. Is the glamping unit warm? Does it have a wood burner or electric blankets to ward off those chilly nights? Is additional wood available.
  8. How far is the parking from your glamping unit. Believe me you will be making a few trips to your car so you want to ensure there is parking close to your unit.
  9. Do they welcome dogs and children too as well as single sex groups.
  10. For group glamping what facilities are available for groups?

Happy Glamping.

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