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#2. A Week In the Golden Valley

EXPLORING THE GOLDEN VALLEY  C S Lewis was so inspired by the majestic rural beauty of The Golden Valley in Herefordshire that when you visit, you will be transported directly to the Chronicles of Narnia. Arthur’s Stone a Neolithic Burial … Read More

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#6. Top 10 tips when booking a Glamping Holiday

With everyone with a bit of land getting into glamping there’s never been so much great choice for you to book a ‘too posh to pitch’ outdoorsy trip. Having been in the game for 10 years here is our top … Read More

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#5. Is Veganism the Answer to the Planet’s woes?

With Veganuary set to kick off tomorrow are we doing it as a health kick or as a genuine belief that Veganism is the answer to the Planet’s woes. Is eating animals so wrong?? The soil quality has just 60 … Read More

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#4. 2021 Top Staycation Ideas & Tips

So who could have predicted Covid in 2020 and the huge Global impact it would have on us all. Despite the light at the end of the tunnel being the vaccine, I predict that 2021 will still run very much … Read More

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#3. 5 Great Reasons to Move to the Country

Here’s 5 great reasons why a move to the country is a good idea. Moving to the country is not an easy decision. But if you have a way to ‘work from home’ or you run your own business (as … Read More

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#1. Escape to the Country

So many people have asked us about our story so I finally decided 9 years later to write about the our tales in the country. I hope you find it useful, entertaining or a bit of light reading after a … Read More

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