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#5. Is Veganism the Answer to the Planet’s woes?

With Veganuary set to kick off tomorrow are we doing it as a health kick or as a genuine belief that Veganism is the answer to the Planet’s woes. Is eating animals so wrong??

The soil quality has just 60 harvests left. This is due to the degradation of the soil quality after years of using fertilisers, pesticides and ploughing. In order to regenerate the soil (and the most amazing thing is improving soil quality can be the answer as it can sequester more carbon) as naturally as possible, so that we can have harvests left for our grand children and beyond, green waste and composting is key as well as animal generated natural fertilisers (where the animals are grown organically). So we in fact do need animals. The answer I believe is a healthy balance. Going back in time, our fore fathers were hunter gatherers. Eating mainly plant based foods with meat occasionally. What we should be looking at is eating meat that is grown with care not industrially reared. Quality meat grown without antibiotics, hormone injections, use of wormers for the sake of worming and where the animals have the best possible life. Properly free ranging outdoors.  The rise of vegainsim and mass growth of soya and grains also has its negative impacts with large amounts of land being cleared and deforestation occurring in order to create grounds to grow and meet the extra demand. 

1/3 of all Food generated annually, and is not even required to feed the earth’s population. In developed worlds this is at the end of the supply chain and for developing worlds sadly it’s at the front of the process. What we need to do is produce in line with what is required to feed the world’s population and save all the energy required for growing, processing and getting rid of this 1/3 of excess. 

Due to the large amount of excess we grow, we now feed animals that were perfectly happy eating just grass with soya, grains etc. We don’t need to. The animals and our health will be better for it. Sad to see huge areas of deforestation in Brazil due to producing soya based chicken feed that was transported to our very own county Herefordshire. There is a larger global impact of industry farming as well. 

So in short I think we should be encouraging sustainable forms of meat, dairy and veg production based on traditional rotational systems and mob grazing. As Isabella Tree says “We should, at the very least, question the ethics of driving up demand for crops that require high inputs of fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, while demonising sustainable forms of livestock farming that can restore soils and biodiversity, and sequester carbon”

Hopefully this provides you with some food for thought. For me I will be eating meat reared ethically and organically. Less of it as its more expensive and more veg. Paul is already vegetarian for health reasons and this helps our whole family eat more veg. Planning on rearing more organic free ranging ethically grown meat on the farm too

What are your thoughts?

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